Chemical Applicators:Motorized Backpack Sprayer


This high-pressure sprayer from Solo with its 5 gallon capacity reaches a controlled operating pressure of up to 435 psi, enabling it to achieve fine spray mist applications, even at extreme heights. Thanks to its push-pull piston pump, the powerful Honda Mini 4-stroke engine delivers a minimum flow rate of 0.5 gal/min at 435 psi. A drain connector at the bottom of the tank enables liquids to be drained completely. This sprayer is equipped with high quality dual flat fan jet nozzles and stainless steel nozzle screens and has a heavy-duty shut- off valve with pressure gauge.

Model 433
Engine Type Honda GX 25
Engine 4-stroke
Displacement 25 cc
Tank Capacity 5.3 gal
Stainless Steel Double Nozzle Yes
Minimum Spray Pressure 14.5 psi
Maximum Pressure 435 psi
Delivery g/min w/ stand nozzle 0.32 gal at 145 psi, 0.45 gal at 290 psi, 0.53 gal at 435 psi
Weight 18.3 lbs
Standard Delivery Stainless steel spray wand, pressure gauge, waist belt
Warranty 1 year


The SOLO 434 high pressure sprayers features a 2‑stroke engines with plenty of power: The adjustable operating pressure of the push-pull piston pump reaches up to 20 bar, enabling this unit to deliver the finest spray – even high up – at a flow rate of up to 1.9 l/min. Long periods in use without refilling are ensured by nominal capacities of 18 l. A practical drain connector underneath the tank enables complete draining of any leftover liquid. The SOLO 434 is equipped with a 50 cm stainless steel spray wand and a pressure gauge on the sturdy handle, which allows the pressure to be adjusted for any application. Supplied with a high quality twin nozzle, with stainless steel nozzle discs. With the right accessories you can discover the powerful advantages of this motorised sprayer.

Nominal capacity litres 18
Dry weight kg 9.3
Sound pressure level dB(A) 92.4
Sound power level guaranteed dB(A) 99.2
Vibration value m/s² ≤ 2.0
Engine SOLO 2-stroke
Capacity cm³ 28.9
Stainless steel twin nozzle
Max. adjustable spray pressure bar up to 20
Flow rate l/min with standard nozzle 1.0 l at 5 bar ➡ 1.4 l at 10 bar ➡ 1.9 l at 20 bar


  • Durable 50cm spray wand.
  • Robust 12V pump fitted inside an impact-resistant enclosure; pressure and spray volume selectable in two speeds.
  • Lead gel rechargeable battery.


  • Brochure


Type 417
Rating 12 V / 7.2 Ah
Capacity (L) 18
Spray Pressure (bar) 2.5 / 4.3
Standard Delivery (L/min) 1.07 / 1.42
Dry Weight (kg) 7.6


Efficient working practices and high performance are called for in enclosed spaces too, such as conservatories and greenhouses. For such applications, SOLO the battery-operated backpack sprayer 416 Li. Free of emissions and whisper-quiet, it meters out its spray medium from a 20 l transparent tank made from highly resilient UV resistant plastic. Powerful 12 V pumps, switchable to two stages with up to 4.3 bar pressure deliver both the pressure and throughput you need. The low dry weight guarantees tireless working. Once the battery has run out, the charger supplied takes just a few hours to recharge the unit. In addition, the SOLO 416 Li is equipped with a comfortable padded backpack support frame with wide shoulder straps that are also padded.

Nominal capacity litres 20
Dry weight kg 5.2
Spray wand Adjustable, 50-90 cm
Rechargeable battery Lithium-ion
Capacity V/Ah 12 / 7.2
Flat spray nozzle
2-stage spray pressure bar 2.5 / 4.3
Flow rate l/min with standard nozzle Ⅰ 1.07 Ⅱ 1.42
Standard delivery Pressure gauge, hip strap
Sound pressure level dB(A) ≤ 70
Sound power level guaranteed dB(A) ≤ 70
Vibration value m/s² ≤ 2.0


The 425 PRO is the highly professional tool within the category of backpack sprayers. It is stable, durable and low maintenance, even over long periods in use. What’s more, it comes with highly resistant VITON® seals for applying aggressive substances. The other features of this top-of-the-range model are equally professional: The length adjustable comfort pump lever helps you work ergonomically. Inspired by the outdoor sport sector, the straps are not only comfortable, but also fully adjustable. The manual valve with pressure gauge comes fitted as standard with a plastic spray wand which can be adjusted from 50 – 90 cm in length. The standard delivery also includes a high quality, adjustable brass nozzle.

Nominal capacity litres 15
Dry weight kg 5.2
Max. spray pressure bar 4 / 6* ❪* with plug❫
Spray wand Telescopic, 50 – 90 cm
Nozzle SOLO brass flat spray and hollow cone nozzles
Pump type piston/diaphragm ✓ / ✘
Manual spray pressure adjustment
Pressure gauge


  • Pressure Regulator
  • Durable 50cm long lance.
  • Practical robust valve handle.
  • UV-resistant plastic tank is ergonomically designed for maximum carrying comfort.


  • Owners Manual
  • Brochure


Type 425
Pump Type Piston
Capacity (L) 15
Spray Pressure (bar) 6 (90psi)
Seals Viton
Dry Weight (kg) 4.3

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