About Us

Who we are?

Noor Ensaf Tarin co ltd was established in the year 1993 and started its activities with a net budget of USD 50,000.00 in the section of Agricultural machinery, technical and electrical tools, engineering road auto level, total station for engineering purposes, and so forth. Our company import agriculture machineries, technical tools and so forth for aim of better facilities in the promotion and development sector of agro in our country Afghanistan from famous countries of the world as: Japan, Germany, Spain, France, USA, China, India, Iran and Pakistan. Forasmuch as of demand of customers Noor Ensaf Tarin Ltd activated their branches in several provinces and also this company during the ten years of efforts and due to the demand and requisition of customers which they had demand of good quality products so they encouraged us to take after four years of efforts the exclusive authorization of ECHO Japan products in Afghanistan which fortunately could to achieve the exclusive authorization of ECHO Japan in Afghanistan as a sole distributor.

What the company does

Our company does activities in the field of Agricultural machinery which is exclusive authorization from ECHO Japan high quality products. And also does activities in the field of technical and electrical tools, hardware tools, engineering levels, total station and so forth.


Vision statement

Our company want to extend their agricultural machinery products all around Afghanistan and cover the country in the sector of agricultural machinery to formers and public people.

Mission statement

Our company has four branches in the provinces as: Khust, Paktia, Lowger, Nangarhar which have activities in agricultural machinery, technical and electrical tools, hardware tools and so forth.

Business goals & objectives

  • Supply of Agricultural machinery for whole customers in Kabul and provinces.
  • Extend of business relations in different Kabul areas and provinces of Afghanistan in the future.
  • Agricultural machinery supply services after sales.
  • Import of initiative machinery for Agriculture sector.

Economic intent

Our company intent to making profit and doing investment in the sector of Agricultural machinery for huge machinery.